Day-care problem?

Amsterdam, 17 March 2020 
Dear parent(s)/guardian(s),

As a follow-up to our previous letter, I have to inform you that the government has decided that all schools will close on March 16. Zonova, the board of your child's school follows this national measure. As a result of this measure, you may have a day-care problem. We try to organize day-care in cooperation with the childcare organizations for parents/guardians who work in the 'crucial professions groups'. 
What are the ‘crucial professions’? 
The crucial professions are those that are very important to keep society going during this corona outbreak. We try to organize childcare for the children of parents or guardians who work in these sectors. The full list of these professions can be found via the URL 19/cruciale-beroepsgroepen.  The school board may ask you/your partner to prove you work in this sector. 

If you work in a crucial profession
If you work in a crucial profession, you will have to discuss what childcare you need for your child, with the school board. Think of the number of days you will require day-care for your children and the number of hours. The school management then decides whether the demand can be met.
During the normal school hours, the school organizes childcare provided that sufficient staff is available. In the coming days, the school board will consult with afterschool care how this can be organized (jointly or otherwise) in the next three weeks. Groups might be merged. You will be informed about this by the organization you use for your children normally.
If one or both parents/guardians do not work within crucial sectors, we ask you to keep your child at home or to arrange childcare yourself.
You work in a crucial profession, but your child has the following complaints: cold, cough, sore throat or fever: the measures of RIVM and the national government remain in force. In this case, you must keep your child at home.
In addition to organizing childcare where necessary, the school is working hard to create an educational package the children can work on at home. Let us not expect the impossible, however. Please keep in mind that if staff are also affected by illness, the school may not be able to fulfil this mission.
Should you have any questions, please refer to the school board.
We will of course keep you updated.

Kind regards

Harry Dobbelaar